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  • Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD

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    Meet our bestselling all-natural arousal oil, Foria Awaken. This pleasure in a bottle was designed and available to everyone. This topical oil works with your body to enhance pleasure, ease discomfort, and help increase sensitivity with a unique blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals. Awaken was formulated to support sexual wellness for women –…

  • CBD Bath Bombs

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    Our CBD Bath Bombs support and encourage relaxation. Infused with aromatic lavender oil, each bath bomb contains 25mg of CBD. The pack of four bath bombs is designed to help you unwind after a long day or simply as a treat. Bath time is bliss!

  • CBD Cream

    $32.95 or subscribe and save 20%

    Our Premium CBD Cream comes in a pump and acts quickly to soften and moisturize your skin. Chapped hands and feet don’t stand a chance against 250mg of CBD and nourishing oils from seeds. Our cream comes in a one-ounce container and also contains organic olive oil, organic glycerin, safflower oleosomes (the fatty parts of the cell) and organic aloe leaf juice.

  • CBD Gummies

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    Try our newest flavors, green apple and strawberry lemonade. Each BPA-free jar has 30 gummies and each gummy has 10mg of premium CBD. Our CBD Gummies are an excellent way to try CBD for the first time or support an existing wellness regimen.

  • Delta 8 D-Bombs – Chewy Candy


    Delta 8 (Δ8) Bombs

    When you are looking for a chewy way to take Delta 8 THC, look no further! These colorful D8 bombs will provide you with fruitful taste, with each color offering its unique flavor, just like your favorite Skittles.

    Delta 8 bombs are more than just fruit-flavored candies — they are one of our top-notch Delta 8 products. They provide those with a sweet tooth with the most effortless and enjoyable way of consuming their favorite cannabis compound.

    Delta 8 THC is a rising star of cannabinoids grabbing many consumers’ attention. It’s an analog of THC, which is much less psychoactive than the famous delta 9 THC. There are various product types on the market, but edibles are in demand for good reasons: they are fun to consume, tasty, and provide a convenient way to take Delta 8.

    Every piece of our D8 bombs features a predetermined dose of the compound. Each savory bomb provides 5mg of Delta 8. They also come in convenient, easy-to-carry packaging, making them easy to take to places to consume whenever you need them.

  • Delta 8 Premium Prerolls


    Our 1.5gr Delta-8 THC Prerolls are rolled in a King Size Raw cone.  At 1.5+ grams each, these are sure to be the life of any party. Available in: Orange Glaze 37.3% D8 and Bubba Kush 36% D8  

  • Delta 8 THC Gummies


    Punchy Peach – As sweet as the Georgia sunshine, where the best peaches are grown, Peach Gummies have a refreshing taste that everyone enjoys.

    Green Apple – Sour with a slightly sweet overtone. Our Green Apple Gummies make you feel like you’re biting into a tart green apple. This is a favorite for many customers and a best seller.

    Blasting Cosmic Rings – As fun as they are colorful, these Blasting Cosmic Rings Gummies are like biting into a sweet-tart.

  • Delta 8 THC Gummy Worms

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    Throwback to your days of youth, these are a great choice for adults who love the sweet-tart taste and looking for something a little different than the typical gummy.

  • Delta 8 THC Softgels


    Why You Should Get Your Delta 8 THC Softgels from The Hemp Doctor

    The Hemp Doctor is America’s Premier Hemp & CBD brand and provides you with powerful and effective Delta 8 THC Softgels. To prove it, here are some of the steps they take that much of our competition does not.

    First, their products are derived only from hemp that is grown in the United States while 70 percent of our competition uses imported hemp. This is an important factor because of the fact that hemp has the ability to revitalize the soil it is grown in. This wondrous plant does this by removing the heavy metals, pesticides, and toxins from the soil. In the US, our hemp is grown under strict standards set forth by the USDA to ensure that our farmers do not grow their hemp in heavy metal-laden soil and grow it without the use of pesticides. Imported hemp may not have these same standards, so their hemp may contain heavy metals, pesticides, and even molds that may make their way into the final product.

    Second, they only use scientifically advanced methods during processing, like Supercritical CO2 extraction. This method is expensive because of the high-tech equipment and controlled environments needed to be successful with this method. However, CO2 extraction creates a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract that doesn’t contain solvents, hydrocarbons, or any other toxins that may be left behind when using cheaper methods of extraction.

    Third,  their products are completely legal on a federal level throughout the United States. The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized all hemp products, as long as those products contain less than 0.3 percent Delta 9 THC. We are proud to say that everything in our extensive array of CBD and Delta 8 THC products is, and will always be, 100% compliant with federal law.

    Finally, all of the products are independently tested by a third-party laboratory. Many people do not realize that the CBD and Delta 8 THC industry is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means there is no oversight into what is contained in each hemp-based product or if the product’s labeling is accurate. This has led to a large number of CBD and Delta 8 THC items being mislabeled, containing little or no cannabinoids at all, and worse, containing harmful chemicals. By having every item in our inventory tested by a third-party lab and making those lab results available to our customers, you are able to compare the lab report to the label and confirm that the product contains the beneficial cannabinoids you desire, without the harmful chemicals that you don’t.

    Your health is too important to trust a retailer who doesn’t take these steps and doesn’t supply you with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).

  • Delta 8 THC Tangerine Vegan Gummies


    Introducing our new, 900mg CBD vegan gummy’s.  These full-spectrum gummy’s are 900mg per bottle.   30 pieces with each one containing 30mg of FULL SPECTRUM CBD.

  • Delta 8 with THC-O Gummies

  • Delta-8 Infused KoKo Nuggz


    These delicious cocoa covered infused cereal edibles are shaped like nuggs and are guaranteed to make you feel like you’re floating! With each nugget containing 50 mg of premium Delta-8 THC and 500 mg per jar, these KoKo Nuggz should not be taken lightly or consumed too quickly. Take a bite, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

    This product contains <.3% Delta-9 THC.