Delta 8 D-Bombs


Delta 8 (Δ8) Bombs

When you are looking for a chewy way to take Delta 8 THC, look no further! These colorful D8 bombs will provide you with fruitful taste, with each color offering its unique flavor, just like your favorite Skittles.

Delta 8 bombs are more than just fruit-flavored candies — they are one of our top-notch Delta 8 products. They provide those with a sweet tooth with the most effortless and enjoyable way of consuming their favorite cannabis compound.

Delta 8 THC is a rising star of cannabinoids grabbing many consumers’ attention. It’s an analog of THC, which is much less psychoactive than the famous delta 9 THC. There are various product types on the market, but edibles are in demand for good reasons: they are fun to consume, tasty, and provide a convenient way to take Delta 8.

Every piece of our D8 bombs features a predetermined dose of the compound. Each savory bomb provides 5mg of Delta 8. They also come in convenient, easy-to-carry packaging, making them easy to take to places to consume whenever you need them.


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Delta 8 D-Bombs – Chewy Candy