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Remember Your Furry Friend

Did you know that CBD can be just as beneficial for pets as it is for their human companions? It’s true! Your canine and feline friends possess the same endocannabinoid system you do, and CBD products for pets can offer the same balanced wellness it does for you.

It’s safe to say that all pet owners want the best for their pets. Whether your fur baby is a cat, dog or even a horse, there’s a CBD product designed with them in mind. Here are a few options to choose from.

Joy Organics Pet Tincture

Our CBD oil pet tincture is a customer favorite. It’s easy to add and adjust the desired serving size of our CBD tincture to your pet’s food and will nibble up all the great benefits of our CBD natural flavor has to offer. You can also add drops of the CBD tincture directly into the side of their mouth or have them lick it straight from the dropper.

When using CBD oil for pets in the form of a tincture, it’s important to keep the right serving size in mind. While there’s no standard serving size of CBD oil for pets (or humans), veterinarians with experience using CBD for pets recommend one milligram per ten pounds of body weight. For example, If you have a 30-pound dog, start off by giving your canine three milligrams of CBD.

As with all CBD products, the CBD oil you give to your pets should be premium quality. Our Joy Organics Premium Grade CBD does third-party lab testing so you know you’re giving your pet a quality oil.

CBD Pet Treats

What pet doesn’t like a treat from time to time? CBD pet treats are another popular seller here at Joy Organics, Wichita. These bacon flavored bite sized, soft treats makes giving your pet a regular serving of cannabidiol effortless and they love it! Each chew has water-soluble hemp powder. One chew per 25 lbs.

CBD Softgel

You might be familiar with our CBD softgels. Many of our customers use these daily for discomfort or feelings of overwhelm. I use our 25 mg softgel as a daily supplement and give our Labrador, Tucker (pictured above), a 10 mg softgel twice a day. Tucker has experienced seizures in the past year so we use the softgel as a preventive.

Tucker prefers taking his softgel with peanut butter or it could be mixed in with food or hidden in a pill pocket. No matter how you incorporate a CBD softgel into your pets routine, they’ll benefit from a pre-measured serving size of CBD.

Keep in mind, the way you give your pet CBD is based on their weight range. Rather than giving your 100-pound dog four dog chews, you can give them two 10 mg softgels that total 20 milligrams of CBD instead.

When it comes to CBD products for pets, look for the same quality you would if you were choosing CBD for yourself or someone you love. As with CBD products designed for their owners, not all pet CBD products are created equal.

What exactly should you be looking for when choosing the best CBD products for your own pet? Insist on third-party lab test results and purchase pet products from a reputable CBD company that’s fully transparent in their practices. Quality CBD products for pets will typically have reviews from other pet owners, which is something to look for when perusing the many CBD products for your pet you’ll find online.

Using CBD for pets is considered safe, but keep in mind, it’s recommended you talk with your vet before starting your pets on CBD.

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