Gardening is self care
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Gardening for the Soul

Spring is in the air, and along with the sunshine and the fresh air comes the opportunity to indulge in some of our favorite hobbies. One way to spend the early spring is to start your summer garden indoors! So you can still enjoy all the fun and activity of gardening while the weather is still too rough to work outside. 

Whether you’re looking to start a victory garden to supplement your meals or just want the beauty of fresh, flowering plants, you can enjoy wellness benefits from caring for them. 

Health Benefits of Gardening

For those who are passionate about gardening as a hobby, it’s a no-brainer. However, for anyone who thinks it’s just alright, you might need a little extra motivation. That’s understandable, but there are three great benefits to gardening that will make anyone want to get their hands dirty.

The End Result

The first reason to garden is the end result of the act. For example, suppose you’re growing beautiful plants to improve the aesthetic of your living space, growing vegetables or fruit to improve your access to healthy whole foods, or growing herbs to accomplish both. In that case, gardening improves your life with beautiful flowers, fresh food, or herbs. 

Of course, it’s always nice to have something you can show off at the end. For example, if you grow a giant pumpkin or herbs to share with your friends and family. An easy way to begin is with herbs, like basil. Keep it in the sun, on the kitchen counter, and just remember to water it consistently.

It’s Meditative 

Meditation is not for everyone, but not all meditative acts need to be rooted in stillness. Instead, getting your hands dirty, clearing your mind, and focusing on your breathing can have the same benefits as traditional meditation. Some plants require more care than others, for example, growing azaleas versus succulents. Caring for your high-maintenance plant could be part of your weekly or daily self-care routine. 

Adds Exercise

Moving without engaging in sports-like exercise benefits you significantly. It burns calories, builds muscle, is low impact, and doesn’t have the same risks as traditional exercise. You can improve your overall well-being by moving naturally and engaging in small increases in movement. 

There’s actually a name for this kind of movement; it’s known as NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It refers to any activity that isn’t intentional exercise, sleeping, or eating. It can help increase your energy levels, as your body budgets a certain amount of energy a day, and when you increase your NEAT activities, you tell your body to budget more. 

Should You Grow Inside or Outside?

If you live in an apartment or an urban area that doesn’t provide you with enough space to garden outside, this question is easily answered. But many people have a choice, and choosing to grow inside or outside depends on several factors. 

Benefits of Growing Inside

Climate Control

Whether it’s a late snow or an early frost, mother nature doesn’t always play on our schedule. Growing indoors can help you keep your plants healthy when they’re in their most delicate stages. You might forget to water your plants occasionally, but you know they won’t drown in a spring rainstorm. 

One of the other climate control benefits is that the growing season is as long as you want it to be. If you’re growing vegetables, you can wait to harvest them when they’re grown and ripe. Outside, you may have to harvest based on the weather, which can be unpredictable. 

It doesn’t have to be either/or, though. If you want to grow indoors in the early spring and plant outside when the summer comes, you can also choose that option. Here you can have your cake and eat it too. 

No Pests

Much like the weather can’t be controlled, neither can your neighbor’s cat or the less-than-friendly skunk that digs out your plants. Growing indoors means that your pets are the only pests you have to worry about. 

Aphids, tomato bugs, and caterpillars can all wreck a delightful plant. So save yourself the heartbreak of a bug-caused loss by growing inside. 

Less Work

This one depends on how much you want to grow. But the act of getting outside can be too much for some individuals. Having a small garden of potted plants inside can allow people with mobility issues to enjoy access to the benefits of the great outdoors from the safety of their living room or kitchen. Having plants inside also increases oxygen in the room, which is good for anyone who wants to breathe clean, fresh air. 

There is little-to-no weeding or pest control when you grow inside, further reducing the amount of work your garden requires. 

Allergen Control

This only applies to people with allergies, but growing plants inside can allow you only to grow what you won’t react to. This can be a heaven-sent solution to a lifelong problem for those with pollen allergies. Not all plants cause the same allergic responses in people with pollen allergies. For example, daffodils and crocuses don’t normally cause reactions, while chamomile or daisies can cause an increase in the severity of the reaction. 

Benefits of Growing Outside 

More Space and Less Mess

Let’s be honest; intentionally bringing dirt indoors is a guarantee that someone will track it somewhere. So whether you have a cat that just loves to chew on your plants, kids who want to see them grow, or the occasional clumsy moment of your own, at some point in time, you’re getting dirt on the floor. 

However, planting outside gives you more room to make a mess, and you don’t have to vacuum the grass. You can also let the plants spread out or have a garden that fills your whole space. Comparatively, inside, you’re limited to what you can plant in jars, pots, and troughs. 

More Exercise, Sunshine, and Fresh Air

The great outdoors really is great. Fresh air has antibacterial qualities, the sun tells our bodies to produce vitamin D, and having more space to work in means more exercise for those who are able. 

Getting more exercise from gardening can mean aching muscles. So why not relieve the strain of additional exercise with our CBD Sports Cream or experience true relaxation with a long hot bath using one of our Lavender Bath Bombs?

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