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Work and Life Balance – Celebrating Being A Female Entrepreneur

Did you break free from 9-to-5 life? Did you take the risk to start your own business? Welcome to the many new opportunities to follow your passions and break the glass ceiling! Many women, like us, are now becoming entrepreneurs worldwide. In the last 20 years, the percentage of female entrepreneurs has increased by 114%, and there’s no question why. We all want more flexibility and independence, earning what we deserve and bypassing high barriers in the formal labor market.

When the Lines Begin to Disappear

We took risks, quit our jobs, invested in our dreams, and became female entrepreneurs, which can be the greatest decision of your lifetime! However, things might not turn out how we expect them to be once we reach the other side of the bridge. Once you become a boss of your own, the lines between your work, home, and private life can start to dissolve, negatively impacting your well-being, especially when facing inequality at home. For example, Do you, as a woman, have all caregiving responsibilities at home?

Women still do nearly twice the domestic housework and childcare compared to their male partners, per the study published in 2012. 

If you’re working from home all the time and trying to work 9 to 5 remotely, it doesn’t feel the same as working in an office for the same hours. Seeing you at home will seem like you are free and available for housework for some of your family, even if you’re building your eCommerce store on your laptop. This could mean that your spouse assumes that you’ll be the one bathing children, although you have an upcoming work deadline. Your partner might not understand why he cannot bring friends over to your 1-bedroom apartment to watch a movie when you have an important presentation to finish. Does this sound familiar? It’s time to regain work and life balance and celebrate being a female entrepreneur; here are a few steps to help.

1. Make a Schedule

Even though now you work on your own, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a boss. Now you are your own boss, so who is now in charge of making a daily schedule? The freedom that comes with entrepreneurship should not transform into all-day work stress. Working without a plan means working all day. You’ll devote all your time thinking about what you have to do instead of working, stay up too late because of unfinished work, and lose that critical work-life balance.

Creating a schedule is crucial to succeeding as a female entrepreneur. It can help you create a plan that leaves enough room for your work and life. It’ll help you achieve desired goals, increase productivity, and balance life within your available time.

2. Create a Working Environment

Nearly 97% of entrepreneurs love or like working from home. Are you among us? Okay, that’s great because it means you can snuggle with your pets anytime (even if it’s not on your schedule), get delicious snacks from the kitchen, and not travel hours to get to work – it’s right there at your home. However, it doesn’t mean grabbing your laptop from your nightstand and working from bed while wearing your pajamas – this is scientifically proven to negatively affect your mental health.

Although now you can do work from anywhere at home, it doesn’t mean you should. Instead, it’s much better to create a working environment in one spot of your home. Ideally, it’d be a quiet place with the least distractions, comfortable seating, good natural light, and the right equipment you need for work. If the space allows, you can change the spot each day as you prefer, but ensure it’s comfortable for work.

3. Don’t Take On Every Responsibility.

Now that you are your own boss, you have much more on your plate than before, especially if you are a solopreneur. If your entrepreneurial work and domestic work piles up, you can easily experience burnout, and that’s not what will help you succeed as an entrepreneur. If you’re unable to balance both, hire in help once a week or twice a month. Having a clean space to come home to and work in can make a huge difference in your productivity.

You are an entrepreneur, so you might be a born leader or like to be in charge of your tasks.

Taking on every responsibility at home and work will exhaust you to the point where you feel less productive, anxious, and sometimes even furious. That’s why it’s crucial to ask for help when you need it. For example, ask your partner to do dishes when you can’t.
Ask someone to watch the kids in the evening so that you can relax. Consider hiring a house cleaner and sending out laundry when you don’t have enough time to do it yourself. As a result, you will save more time and energy, which you can use to grow your business.

4. Take Time Off

Sometimes you might choose not to leave your work desk at home so that you can accomplish more. After all, the only sacrifice is your evening workout. Although you think you are saving time by doing so, over-exhausting yourself from work will make you less productive, meaning you’ll need more time to achieve less. Sometimes all it takes to boost our efficiency is to take a little time off. A nice walk, meet up with friends, a date at a lovely restaurant, or any other pleasurable activity can help you clear your head and return to your desk full of energy, ideas, and new perspective.

5. Say ‘No’ When Necessary

In the past, your friends, family, and pets wouldn’t come to your work and ask for simple things like helping to set up a new software application, tie their shoes, or throw a ball in another room. Now you are an entrepreneur, so they all can come to your office in just a few steps, sometimes without realizing they will interrupt you during your working hours. They might ask for many favors, hold small talk, and suddenly forget altogether that you’re working. Although your family is precious, and you might want to spend every minute with them, you’re also an entrepreneur who needs to work to sustain your business. Constant distractions from your loved ones can affect your work and mental health by constantly anticipating someone interrupting your work, so your cortisol levels will rise.

The simple way to minimize distractions is to learn to say no. Remember, it’s your work hours, you are at the office, and if you weren’t an entrepreneur, they wouldn’t even be able to step into your office. Likewise, your family will understand you have to work if you ask them politely to hold off their thoughts until you finish work or say no to their requests at a given moment due to work. As a result, you’ll gain more mental clarity and take a huge step in setting boundaries between work and life.

Although being an entrepreneur comes with its obstacles. Still, it provides complete control of your life, opens up new opportunities, and allows you to turn your passion into a successful project you’ll be proud of in the future. If your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur, we hope the steps above will help you reach your desired destination.

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