CBD suppositories local relief

CBD Suppositories offer localized relief

Tinctures, softgels, and gummies are some of the most popular ways to get a regular serving of CBD.

What about less popular methods of delivery, though? Say, CBD suppositories, for example.

You might be surprised to learn that CBD suppositories are much more common than you might think. While this can be a somewhat taboo topic, there’s really nothing that should be considered taboo when it comes to our health.

Let me share more about CBD suppositories, including what they are, why in the world you might want to use them.

CBD suppositories are typically made of cocoa butter and hemp extract, which harden at low temperatures.  When a CBD suppository is inserted into the body, the CBD reaches the bloodstream more rapidly, has a higher absorption rate, and offers a stronger effect than you might experience with oral methods. These compounds are absorbed by nearby organs and then directly into the bloodstream to provide localized relief. This is delivery method is becoming increasingly popular for women interested in naturally supporting menstrual health. Any woman who’s a fan of cannabis suppositories during ‘that time of the month’ knows just how ideal they can be for targeting areas most affected during their period without the side effects of over the counter medication.

A popular brand we now carry is the *Foria Relief CBD Suppositories which are formulated to give relief during your period and designed to be used vaginally or rectally. Made with organic fair-trade cocoa butter and organically-grown broad spectrum CBD, each suppository is 100% plant based and contains 100mg CBD.

Foria’s CBD products are created with organically grown hemp, manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility and third-party tested for potency and quality. Products are created using 100% plant-based ingredients, without the use of anything synthetic. I’ve been super impressed with the Foria suppositories and used them recently for a very painful urinary tract infection. I experienced relief within a couple minutes!  

If you’re looking for an alternative method that offer localized relief, CBD suppositories are worth looking into. 

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