It’s time for a little Self Care

The benefits of self care are countless and good for the mind, body and soul. Making this part of our daily routine tends to improve our immunity, increase positive thinking and make us less susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues.

This week kicks off a four part series focused on Self Care. Each week we will showcase local talent and an expert in their field. Today you’ll enjoy hearing from Heidi Foley, a massage therapist, LMT, and Reiki II Practitioner.

I recently enjoyed a wonderful session with Heidi which helped with muscle recovery and overall wellness. I know you’ll enjoy what she has to share!

“if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.”

If you own a vehicle, you likely take your car in for an oil change every so many miles. While it’s there… they may recommend replacing your oil filter, and they say you need a new air filter….generally they have to top off all your fluids. Not to mention you’ve lost half a day at the day dealership. If you’re wondering what I’m getting at, please read on…

What I’m getting at is … you listen to the professionals’ recommendation to get regular maintenance on your vehicle, every 3,000 miles or so to keep it working right. Failure to do this regularly often results in engine failure, or some other slue of irritating, unwanted mechanical issues. So you take your car, you sit, you wait & life may continue. Not something you like to do. But something that is very necessary.

Our bodies are very much the same. Think about all that you put your body through…. I’m willing to bet even as you read this newsletter, your posture could be drastically improved. Not judging! I correct myself daily! But this is a good example of a bad habit & when left uncorrected can cause a serious “hunch back” and a multitude of life long, chronic issues. Hear us when we say NOW IS THE TIME TO CORRECT BAD HABITS! You only have one body — take care of it, be kind to it & regularly maintain it.

Regular Massage Therapy can provide relief of chronic tension & knots, increase your circulation, improve immune function. It can reduce anxiety & alleviate depression symptoms, balance hormone levels, and relax your min & body. Not to mention, massage can increase flexibility, decrease muscle soreness between hard workouts, and we could go on and on and on and on. By adding regular bodywork into your self-care routine you can, and will, literally change your life.

At FOLEY relaxed Massage Co. we offer completely Customizable Massage Sessions because we know that what you need isn’t what everyone else may need. We do know, that regular body maintenance is a MUST when it comes to feeling our and operating at our best. Don’t know what you may need when it comes to body work or never had a massage? Try us out and let us evaluate what your body needs — NEW GUESTS enjoy $20 OFF! We look forward to working with you soon & can personally guarantee you will leave FOLEY relaxed.

Love & LIGHT,

Heidi Foley,  LMT & Reiki II Practitioner

Instagram @FOLEYrelaxed_ICT

Facebook @FOLEYRelaxed

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